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March 7, 2021: Introducing . . . Amy Zwick, Executive Assistant And Retail Liaison

Hello everyone! 
I have been working with Steve Jackson Games for the last few years, but on December 1, we made it official! I am very excited to work with an amazing team of creators, and I am honored to be welcomed in. I get to help support the executive team, work with the wonderful retailers, and help keep our Amazon presence looking good.
I live and work in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where I enjoy playing games with my family and friends. I have three amazing kids – Lily, Zoe, and Vaughn, who regularly beat me at our cutthroat games of Munchkin. I love hanging out with friends and trying new things. Some of my favorite things are being part of a living history pirate crew, going to steampunk get-togethers with friends, and being an avid Whovian. I also enjoy lifting weights and long walks by the beach.
I'm looking forward to seeing many of you once the world starts . . .


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